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Wanted : Account Executive/Photographer’s Representative

We are looking for someone who loves to serve, preferably female Business Management (or similar courses) graduate who lives in Metro Manila, can drive, compose correspondence, make business plans, work with least supervision, understands photography and believes in performance-based compensation.

Send your resume and cover letter to

Just One Shot

The more expert a person is in what he does, the more what he does looks easy to an outsider. For a painter, he may have mastered the strokes – he knows his paints and brushes and how to apply them to his canvass. The master potter throws the wheel and shapes his pots with ease. The master photographer has likewise mastered his cameras and lights, and positions them with confidence.

In addition to their storehouse of masterful strokes and movements, as professionals, they spend time to prepare for particular assignments.

Let me share this story from John:

He was supposed to do special effects – so he practiced the day and night before, experimenting with the different ways of doing it. When he was happy with the results, he kept his set-up with instructions on the set not to touch anything.

The following day, the client arrived. John did the first shot (of the day), and the client was pleased with his first shot. It took less than a minute to turn on the computer, all the power packs, and to press the shutter. So the client said (paraphrased) – “John, ang dali naman pala. Bakit ang taas ng charge mo? Kaya mo pala in one shot!” (Translation: “John, I didn’t realize that it’s so easy. Why do you charge high when you can do it in just one shot?”)

John then showed the client the number for that particular shot – it was number 403, and showed him the rest of his earlier attempts. The client accepted and no longer challenged our quotation (which, by the way, was signed before the shoot).

Sometimes, even seeing the final product is not enough, especially when the work poured into the job is not obvious. We sometimes need to demonstrate the different steps taken to arrive at the final image. It is our responsibility to show clients that the image they like did not come in just one shot. They do want to understand the process, not just see the result.

A Special View of Life

Last Saturday, John welcomed 15 children with various disabilities and paired them off with 22 members of the Makati Camera Club at the Manila Zoo. Here’s the wonderful experience they went through –
If you are a photographer and interested to join these outreach activities, do get in touch with us. Email us at

Feedback on Teaching

I believe that there’s no one better to evaluate a class than members of the class. 

Last Tuesday, I did my first day teaching “Business of Photography” at the nearby College of Saint Benilde. After the period, I asked the students what they thought of the class and how I could make it more interesting for them, as I really want them to to look forward to coming. Although I prepared lots of teaching materials – video, audiovisual presentations, lots of stories and of course, the course matters- I still got the comment that it was “stiff.”

I asked for enlightenment, and I was told that my class was the first and only  lecture-type class that they have. As students of AB Photography, it seems all their other subjects are workshops and so they’re moving around whatever subject or model they’re photographing. Whoa, how can I compete with that – in their other classes, they’re doing what they LIKE to do, and in my class, they’re learning what they NEED to learn. And in my class, they’re not DOING something, they have to LISTEN or SPEAK (recite).

I’m glad I asked them what they thought of my class. My goal is to make each class better than the previous one. So off to a bookstore I will go, to look for those training books with lots of fun exercises. I think I need to learn and conduct some relevant physical activities to get them off their seats every so often during the three hours.

More Phone Lines

Dear Adphoto clients, suppliers and friends,

We apologize if you experienced problems in calling us – if you dialed our number and you heard our phone ringing but no one answered your call. We were not sleeping on the job, and we certainly were not ignoring your call.

For months since underground cables from the PLDT exchange to our area suffered water seepage, our phones have been on and off. Many times, we would discover -when we were outside and trying to call our own office – that callers could hear our phones ringing when our phones were actually DEAD! No wonder we were getting lots of complaints from our clients about our phones. We called PLDT Customer Service tons of times and visited their office not a few times but to no avail.

To find a solution, we got a wireless phone – and gave that number, as well as our cellphones, to as many clients and friends as we could reach.

PLDT replaced the cables but we continued to have the same problems. In exasperation, I finally decided to seek the name of someone higher up to plead for a more permanent solution. To PLDT’s credit, they looked deeper into our phone problem and discovered some technical glitches that directed calls to a grounded line (the one that kept ringing) and prevented the calls from trunk-hunting (transferring to a free line). They sent us a repairman whose expertise was PABX phone systems, and for two days, he worked on restoring our phone lines.

Our phones are now all working. Alleluia!!!

We also decided to add more phone lines. Here’s a complete list of numbers you can call:
7571501 (Globe)
8319108 (Telefax)
5564659 (Direct Line)
4011103 (Wireless)

And if you prefer, call me on my cellphone at +639209207199.

Thanks and hope to hear from you really soon.

Very truly yours,
Harvey V. Chua
General Manager